Samir Vohra:-

CEO and Managing Director.

Samir Vohra founder of Samiflabs has started his own company in June 2007. After completing Masters in Computer Science Samir started his career with most prestigious IT Company at Ahmadabad. Due to his hard-work and dedication he reached to the top management quickly. During this time he gained extreme knowledge of Technologies, Sales and Marketing.

Samir has a goal and he inching towards it. In the year 2007 he founded Samiflabs and start working with 3 employees. Years passed successfully and now we have more than 55 employees working with us operating from 2 offices at Ahmadabad.

Samir have a strong personality and totally dedicated towards works. These qualities make him a successful businessman. Additionally he is a good leader, a great speaker and true gentlemen. He has great bonding with company employees and he takes special cares towards it. He also gives professional trainer and conduct seminars in our company. He is real mentor of the company. His Goal is to take Samiflabs on the Globe and create a brand International IT company.

As a CEO he had many responsibilities to handle, he takes of Finance, Sales and Marketing. From the initial time of his career he is a good SEO, he always use to guide our SEO department and give regular tips on the latest markets.

When not working Samir loves to play table tennis and spend time with his family. He likes to spend his free time playing with his son and daughter. Samir successfully balanced his professional and social life.

Samir would like here you if you have any query or any requirement. You can directly reach to him at You know more about our CEO you can visit our CEO blog.