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WordPress is a blog application development open source version of PHP and MySQL, which can also be used for the core content management system. It has many features including an easy flow of work, a rich plug-in architecture, web standards, advanced template and ease of use.

WordPress is one of the best content management systems with a robust architecture-based, and flexible enough to customize with your own selected models. WordPress Blog Development controls the users of blogs and blog to allow the management of websites. You can use best wordpress themes for WordPress blog which is freely available. But you can feel or need a unique look for your website blogs.

Features of WordPress Blog Development:

  • Plug-ins management
  • Addition of image captions
  • Counting the word
  • Switching between Flash uploader and the classic
  • Protection against spam
  • easy to install and update
  • In-built theme system
  • Trackback and Ping back standards supports
  • Complete user registration
  • Management of non-blog content
  • Model changes are immediately visible on the site
  • W3C Compliance
  • password protection
  • Editing pages and blogs without having to know HTML
  • Reader participation through comments
  • Organization of content using tags
  • Transparent management of pre-existing URL
  • Easy addition of new features
  • free support by the developer

WordPress Development is offshore wordpress development company in India. WordPress Development have experienced, professional and highly skilled WordPress Blog Developer for WordPress Blog Customization. They designed many good things in the wordpress templates from which you live, you can choose like best. We propose to create a blog search engine friendly, which is useful for running in this growing online division.

WordPress Blog Development Services:

  • The installation and configuration of WordPress
  • Custom WordPress Template
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Support up to 6 months

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