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The WordPress CMS prides itself on a 5 minute installation. With a little know how and a little time, WordPress can be up and running on your web server. But what if the world of web servers and MySQL databases isn’t for you? After all, you’ve got a business to run, not a server cluster to support!

Our WordPress Installation Package helps you get up and running in under an hour. We setup the databases, copy across the files, configure your settings and install a premium version of WordPress on your server (we can recommend inexpensive business webspace providers too if you’re at square-one).

What makes our WordPress Installation premium? We cross the terms and dot the it’s, installing a slew of useful (and some would argue vital) additional upgrades/plugins as well as configuring your WordPress CMS to create a Search Engine Friendly website automatically; Without you having to lift a finger. Honey, we’ve got it covered!

WordPress Plugin Installation

One of the beautiful benefits of the WordPress CMS is it’s ability to be upgraded with what are know as Plugins. Plugins are snippets of code that enhance, upgrade or alter the default feature set and capabilities of the WordPress CMS.

  • Want to survey your customers? Add a WordPress Survey Plugin.
  • Need to add different types of contact form to each page of your site? We know the Plugin for that.
  • Need to add more Social Media links to your blog; Easily done.

WordPress Development have the expertise and know-how to recommend and install the right WordPress plugin to improve your business WordPress website.

WordPress Maintenance

Maintenance is an often forgotten process for any website and WordPress website owners are no exception. We can make sure your WordPress website stays up to date with security patches, new features and, most importantly of all, website backups; so if the worst does happen your business website can be back-up on it’s feet in no time.

Our monthly WordPress maintenance packages start from just £35 and include theme backups, plugin backups and database backups so that your content, website design and website functionality can be quickly restored.

WordPress Virtual Assistance

You’re busy. You’re rushed off your feet. Time is the one thing you don’t have but your website needs love. It craves some of your valuable time and attention. What do you do? You know that a well maintained and frequently updated website can bring in more customers but you’re so busy with the customers you have you just can’t find the time! Our WordPress Virtual Assistance Package ensures that you site is updated monthly with news and web page alterations.

If your content gets stale we can freshen it up. If your news gets old we can fire-up the presses and create news worthy releases. Our WordPress Developers helps you to manage your growing business website, no fuss, no nasty stings, just a reliable Virtual Assistant dedicated to spending time updating your website.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information about our WordPress Development Services.